CMFM ministry update: Daniel & Buzi Mawyio

23 Oct

September & October 2017

Hello all! I am praying that you all are doing well.

Family news:

Thank God we all are doing well. Gideon’s health is doing great and he got all A’s in his first semester exams. Buzi and I have awarded him a watch that he asked for. In September, Buzi and the two younger boys visited Putao for two weeks. It was Buzi’s family reunion. Both her sisters’ family from New Zealand and one from Singapore came together, and it was the first reunion in 11 years. Gideon remained at home, but he enjoyed the time with a young boy from a high school, who stayed with us during semester break.

Ministry Center Construction:

The construction is still going well. Now the big need is the roof and inner parts, including wiring and water supply. We thank you for those who have given special gifts for this construction. See the photos attached. Please keep praying for the finances we need to complete the rest of the building. (Note from forwarding agent: see below on how you or others can donate.)

MBI & other ministry opportunities:

By the grace of God, the second semester at Myanmar Bible Institute (MBI) is going well. During the first semester break, we hosted 6 students who could not go back home. We usually host some students at the beginning of the school year and during breaks. Buzi and I are happy to do this more than before.

Besides teaching four subjects as usual, I am also preaching at least two times a month in the church and preach often in Naga Christian Fellowship worship services. Thank God for giving me such opportunities for His glory. He gives me strength and power and so many blessings to serve in the ministry. Yohan, president of MBI, improves, but he is not scheduled yet in teaching.

A revival program at our church went very well during the semester break. The speakers and most of the programs were led by MBI, so the church chose the week of the semester break for the revival. We also had a good time with Scott Hudson and John Cadle, visiting from the U.S. It was blessing to hear the message at school and at Thanksgiving in the church.

As we have been praying for many years to get back the old MBI compound, God has given the answer in his time. Two weeks ago we were informed that 80% certain we will get it back. The order from the higher level has already been given, and now we need to talk to those at the township level authority. Please lift your prayers up for MBI until we get it in hand.


MBI will have serval ministry trips over Christmas break. I am appointed to speak at the Lower Myanmar Christian Churches Convention that will be held in the first week of December. And then I will have a ministers’ seminar in Lahe, in North west. Please remember these ministry plans in your prayers: for financial needs and all the arrangements to be successful.

Thank you, May God bless you all!

Daniel Mawyio


Daniel & Buzi Mawyio

Gideon, Ezra, Nathanael

No. 123, Thiri yeiktha st.

Ward 1, Yugoslap, Pyin Oo Lwin


If you would like to make a donation, you can give online:

Follow the link and instructions and choose “Christian Mission for Myanmar” as your designation.

Or write checks to Echo Church:

Echo Church

PO Box 6067

Cincinnati, OH 45206

on the memo line write: CMFM

Forwarding Agent:

Kelly Carr (kelly)

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