Ministry plans for Christmas season!

10 Nov

News Update

I hope you are doing well and enjoy the beauty of the Fall. We all are fine, thank you so much for your prayers and support us. Here is some gospel opportunity and plans for Christmas season the most available season to share the gospel in the country. Please remember in your prayer.

1. Gideon and I are leaving this evening(11/10/2017) to Yangon to
Gideon’s medical check.We got an appointment to take the MRCP
soon as we get to Yangon tomorrow, and will come back on Monday.
Please pray for the trip and to have a good result that will be send to
Cincinnati Children’s.

2. MBI’s preaching competition will be on Saturday (Nov. 11). I will miss
this opportunity.

3. We will have the Myanmar Christians Churches Committee meeting
will be in Nov. 14-17, 2017 in our church here in Pyin Oo Lwin.

4. The Lower Myanmar Christian Churches Convention will be in
Dec. 1-3 in Tsipaw around 80 miles from MBI. MBI will participate in
several ares there. I am scheduled in teaching program.

5. Christmas break will be from Dec. 8 after MBI Christmas in the
evening to the first week of Jan, 2018.

6. In the second week of Dec., we will have ministers’ seminar in
Wangton village, in Lahe township, NW. (30) ministers will present
there. We need fund for the seminar. They have rice but I we need to
buy other foods and materials. And we need traveling expense also.
I need to take 2 friends with me.

1). TA. $ 300 x 3 persons = 900
2). Food. $ 3 x 33 persons = 99 x 7 days = 693

Total needs 900 + 700 = $. 1600

7. The combined Christmas of Pyin Oo Lwin Christians churches will
be in Dec. 24-26 in Wetwun, around 10 miles from MBI where most
of the inhabitants are Buddhists.

8. I will send the recent pictures and the progress of the construction
some times next week.

Please pray for the ministry plans and get the gospel opportunity. Thank you, God bless you all.

Daniel Mawyio

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