Ministry update: CMFM (Daniel & Buzi Mawyio)

17 Apr

Note from forwarding agent: Please read the updates below from Daniel Mawyio and share them with individuals or churches who may want to give to God’s Kingdom work in Myanmar. Thank you for your continued support of the Mawyio family and ministry.

Hello all! Here is the report of some of our summer activities. We are praising God for the opportunities that we have to serve. See photos attached also.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

My Family
We all are doing fine. Gideon is taking English and piano courses on weekdays. Ezra Kaemark is attending the Beginner I Special class in Summer English school. Nathanael likes cartoons, especially he enjoys the “Naruto Japanese adventure cartoon,” and he can sing its title song very well.

Now they have four new friends who I brought from NW. They enjoy speaking the same language. My mother is trying to adjust among all the noisy grandchildren. Buzi and I enjoyed attending my nephew’s graduation in Mandalay last week. We will have a youth camp in our church next week, during the Buddhists’ water festival. Buzi and kids are preparing for that, and I am invited to teach in a VBS in another church during that week.

Mission House
Now our family is growing by some boys and girls that I brought from NW to start the orphanage/children’s ministry, as I have planned to do after the construction is done. Some more boys and girls will come before the school year begins in June.

95% of the construction is done now. Wiring and water pipe fitting is being done this week, and then they will do painting and flooring. Since the water festival is a national holiday, all the businesses will be closed next week. Please remember our needs in your prayers.

Youth Camp and Ministers’ Seminar
A one-week youth camp and ministers’ seminar was done successfully March 20-26 in Khamki Village, Pangsua Township. I took 7 students this time. They all are from NW and working very hard. It is another remote village in the northern part of NW, bordering Arunachal Pradesh in India. It took four days to get there; by taxi to Mandalay airport, then we flew to Myitkyina and continued to Tanai by van on the same day; that saves one day for me. And then one day by van, two days by motorbike to the village. Typically, this is the summer and dry season in Myanmar, but in the NW it rains any time. If there is no rain, it takes one day from Myikyina to Pangsua by car. Thank God, we traveled safely along the way.

Our theme this year is “The ones whom Jesus exalts!” Hundreds of people are thirsty for the Word of God. Including the children, around 400 youth attended (this is the largest numbers we ever had since I started the youth camp programs in 2011). We divided them in three groups—elementary, junior, and senior youth classes. The church made three plastic tents for classrooms, but the activities are done in an outdoor field because the rooms are not big enough for the campers. The ministers’ seminar was done in the church building.

Since they were born and are growing up in remote rural areas, the youth feel the future is hopeless in their life. It is true that many young adult males become drug addicted, the females spend their lives in the kitchen and in the farm, and their future does appear hopeless. It is good to teach them the Scripture that Jesus saves us from sin and also He is our future. I taught about “Jesus Deity and His Redemptive Work” to the senior youth class one hour every day. For more attraction and personalization for the young people, I titled the subject “Jesus and Me.”

8 people received Jesus as their personal Savior and were baptized at the camp. Many people came to believe in Jesus, but since most of the campers are from Baptist churches, in respect for the neighbor denominational churches and their traditions, I encouraged them to be baptized in their mother churches by their ordained pastors.

The ministers’ seminar was also conducted in the same week. 25 elders, ministers, and Sunday school teachers attended. I taught “The Church and Ministry,” the same subject that I taught in Wangtong seminar but with a little bit different emphasis. Christianity became cultural, and most of the churches waiting for the people to attend worship services. They don’t go to the people who need them. Many people are being Christians because others are. We reminded them what the Scripture says about “The Church and her mission!” The principal of Htaho Christian Bible School, a graduate of MBI taught “Church History.”

We had a combined worship service with all the youths and ministers each night, and the youths performed. I got an opportunity to preach the gospel each night, and many people came and listened to the Word of God from nearby villages. We were blessed. One man decided to be baptized, along with his two adult sons. The churches request to continue these programs every year.

Please Remember these newborn souls and ministries in your prayer.
God bless you all. Thank you.

Daniel Mawyio

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