Donating to Daniel: a new online option

19 Jun

Dear friends of Daniel Mawyio and his Myanmar ministry:

Now when you give to Christian Mission for Myanmar (CMFM) through Echo Church, there is a new giving portal. It will look different but will be easy to use. Click here to see it:

Echo Church has switched over to this new system that has better features for the user as well as those of us on the administrative side.

What this means for you:
1. If you have an automatic recurring giving option set up for Christian Mission for Myanmar (CMFM), you will need to stop the current automatic setup and start a new one under the new system. Click here to access both the old and the new:

2. We do have a month grace period, giving everyone time to switch over. Any donations made under the former portal will go through this next month.

3. All the former records of you donations have been moved over, and we have kept track of all.

4. If you want to alert to others to give either to Daniel, feel free to share this link to anyone. The Mawyios have been able to move into their new ministry house, but they are still in need of funds for final finishes and new ministry opportunities.

Please let me know if you have any questions. THANK YOU for your generosity.


Kelly Carr

Writing & Editing Consultant

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