We’ve moved in! Thank you & more . . .

18 Jul

report on April-June 2018

Greetings from Myanmar!

I am praying that all of you are doing well. Thank you very much for your prayers and your support. Please rejoice with us in how Kingdom work is being done through CMFM by your participation in Myanmar.


In May 9th we moved to the new house and this is A BIG BLESSING and A BIG CHANGE for our family. (Please see the attached photos.) In the first week, we stayed awake till over midnight because of happiness and excitement! The construction is not complete yet—but it almost done and was complete enough to move in and have enough rooms for 14 people and guests. We are so thankful to you, our friends, for sponsoring for the construction.

***We still need financial support to complete the building and for labor fees. There are several things such as painting, wiring, and water pipe fitting that were not included in the original estimate.

• We will need an additional $5,000 to complete the building.
(See giving options below.)

Although it is not completed yet, the building is already scheduled for ministry purposes. We hosted the Naga Christian Fellowship service at the end of June, and around 70 people attended. The ladies’ Bible study began. And in a few weeks we will host the MBI faculty fellowship dinner.


By the grace of God, we are all doing fine. I myself had a stomach problem and was hospitalized for a week in April. The colonoscopy shows the stomach is somewhat damage severely, but thank God I took the treatment in time. I am still taking medicine, but now I am working normally.

Summer is filled too. Buzi participated in church youth camp and other activities as usual. Plus she does all the work of caring for 14 people in our home.

Many boys and girls enjoyed the youth camp. About 120 young people attended this year, and three people were baptized.

We are blessed to have 5 to 10 guests throughout the summer. Some come for their children’s education and some come for medical treatment and some for visit. Gideon and Ezra Kaemark started their school in May. Gideon is doing well, and his teachers recommend him as a good student in the school. Ezra is a little bit slow to learn, but he likes to learn and school. Nathanael Jungmark will go to preschool soon.


1. Teaching and preaching:
Even though I am not fully well, God always gives me strength to serve Him as much as I can. During April and May, after I came back from the youth camp in the Northwest, I also had preaching and teaching opportunities in our church and other churches. I taught based on the book of Philemon entitled, “From the slave of sin to the slave of Christ” in a one-week session at Bethel Church (Assembly of God), in which about 60 people attended, including some non-Christians.

I also thank God for the opportunity to share the gospel among our Nepali brothers and sisters. (We called it “Resurrection festival.”) I shared a story in this Nepali church, around 30 minutes’ drive from MBI. One of my friends and me started their Sunday school program when we were MBI students in 1990s. At that time, only one Nepalese young man was a Christian—and now it has become a growing church.

On Mothers’ Day, I preached in Naga Christian Fellowship service. It consists around 50 people from different denominations. I led this program five years and directs to the biblical doctrine from denominational teaching.

2. Orphanage:
As I mentioned last time, I started the orphanage/youth ministry this summer with 7 teenagers, age 13 to 16—5 boys and 2 girls; some are orphans and the rests are raised by single parents who cannot support them for their education. They are from very remote and isolated areas in Northwest, but they have high aims for their future and are capable young men and women for future leadership in their community. Now we have rooms for them, but we need funds for food and clothes and stationary fees and health care.

• It is estimated that each young person will need $40 per month.

3. MBI:
MBI opened in June 1 with 76 students, including 26 freshmen. We thank God for sending more students than last year. It is wonderful that more young people choose Bible college among many other options. Also, we can start an M.Div. program this year with 2 students. We hope two or three more students will come in the second semester. The blessings are coming more in MBI this year.

Brother Scott Hudson volunteered to recruit sponsors for student scholarships ($40 for one student per month) and so far 8 students have been sponsored. We are so thankful to Scott for his dedication and to the sponsors who are doing life-changing ministry in Myanmar. And it is a blessing to MBI to have more students.

We also had regular scholarships awarded each year to selected students but this year we have no funds for them. These students are selected from last academic year. There are 7 students and some remain one year, some two years and some three years to complete their degree. We hope to find $1,500 to cover their fees for the whole year.

I am teaching 4 days a week. We have also had meetings on weekends besides weekly faculty meeting. I am trying to lead a smooth transition of the college and on the other hand, we are doing a review of the decades-old constitution and prospectus. The State educational policy will be changed totally in 2020, so we need to change MBI’s admission policy too. We’ve also made a new budget policy. The monthly need of the institution is $3,000 but we have a monthly income of about $1,000, so the school needs $2,000 monthly still.

We hope to get back the old compound of MBI soon; we are informed that the government is working, and the process is improving much more. Please keep praying for our ministries and the needs of the ministry.

We thank you for keeping all these needs in your prayers. We trust God will make a way.

Thank you very much for your constantly prayers and financial support. May God bless you all.

Daniel Mawyio
Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar

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