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3 Oct

July through September 2018

Hi all! I give glory to our Father who is so good to us, and I’m praying that you all are doing well. It is very exciting to share the works of the Lord that are being done here in Myanmar. Thank you all for your participation for His glory.

The Family
We are all doing well. Thank for your constant prayers for our family and our ministries.

• Gideon turned 12 on August 1. He is healthy and growing. He likes swimming and goes to the pool every weekend. He needs to take an MRCP again in November, as it was instructed in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. If God wills and if we have money, we want to do it in Bangkok or Singapore—somewhere the hospitals have more advanced medical technology. He took the test last year in a hospital in Yangon, the only hospital which has an MRCP machine. And they said they cannot read the surgical history data-recorded CD that is given from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. And the result was not satisfactory. Thank God, Gideon is doing great since we came back from CCH.

• Nathanael goes to pre-school in September that is in a different place. He turned 5 on Sept 15.

• Ezra and Nathanael enjoy their school.

• The building is complete now, and Buzi is very happy to host our guests and friends in a new house that she has been dreaming of.

The Orphanage

We started this children’s ministry in April. Nightly Bible studies and a devotion program are exciting daily events for the family (see photo). We are doing a Bible study on the book of Acts that is all about salvation and ministry, and the results are great. Four of seven from the orphanage have decided to be baptized (see photo). They are trying hard and growing spiritually. One boy has broken his arm and was hospitalized but now he goes to school. Please remember this ministry in your prayers. Financially, we are struggling—the family is sharing what we have but do not cover their daily needs. Mainly, they need food, clothing, stationaries, and slippers. The winter is close now, and they will need blankets and winter clothes.

MBI (Myanmar Bible Institute)

The first semester went well. God is leading us, although it is financially difficult. Some newcomers will be added in the second semester, and nearly 80 students are enrolled this year. We enjoyed our semester break last week and the second semester started this past Monday, October 1.

It was really busy semester for me. We had a biannual meeting of the board of trustees on September 25. Dr. Robinson has been appointed as the President, and I will serve as Vice President. I thank God and was glad to have completed some necessary changes for the institution during my leadership: the decades old constitution and bylaws were revised, our quarter system has changed to a semester system, the M. Div. degree program started, and with the EC members, we budgeted the yearly and monthly needs that haven’t been done publicly before. And we led the presidential election successfully. Now I am thinking to start finding a way for further studies before I am getting too old.

The churches in the NW

The churches in the Nagaland in the NW are growing and the believers are increasing. Recently, 6 people converted to Christ in Lahe church. Taho Christian Bible school has moved to a new place, and 20 students are studying the Scripture there under the leadership of one of MBI’s graduates from this academic year.

On the other hand, in some places people are suffering from natural disaster and diseases. Many children and old people died last year by flu or diseases, formerly reported as unidentified diseases. It happened again this year in monsoon season and 7 children died.

Many rice fields and some houses were struck by a landslide in the NW. In some villages, rats destroyed all rice plants and crops. They are facing famine. And many people are facing trouble from the floods. Please pray for these people.

Again, thank you very much for your constantly prayers and financial support. God bless you all!

Daniel Mawyio
Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar

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