Thanks for loving Myanmar: updates & needs from Daniel Mawyio

5 Feb

Oct 2018—Jan 2019

Greetings from Myanmar! We are sorry that you are having record low temperatures and suffering cold in some parts of your country. We are praying that you are warm and safe. Thank you again for your participation in Myanmar ministries. Enjoy the update and some pictures from our ministers’ seminar and leadership training in the Northwest, as well as some pictures Scott Hudson took of our ministry center.

Thank God and friends for supporting us. By God’s grace, all of my family members are doing well.
• Gideon stopped piano course for the winter and will continue in the summer.
• My three boys enjoy their school. The younger boys are happy for no exams while Gideon is preparing for his final exams in the next week.

We had a great time in December. After I came back from NW, my family took a trip to Putao, in the north in Kachin state where Buzi’s mother and brother live. We went for Buzi brother’s wedding, and it also a nice family reunion for Buzi and all of her sisters and relatives. Buzi reunited with her sister who lives in Singapore and another sister and her family who live in New Zealand and many relatives; about 2000 people participated on the wedding day.

We thank God and are grateful from our hearts to each of you for your support as we built our ministry center and home.

We thank Steve and Kelly Carr, who’ve done a great job in fundraising to finish the construction, God bless you all. The major construction is done and well enough to stay in, but we still need some funds to finish some small things. We are really enjoying the new house and so happy to receive our friends anytime.

Last week we had a good visit with Scott and Kathy Hudson. So far we have 14 people in the house. After MBI graduation, 3 students who cannot go back home will stay with us in the summer and 4 students will for a while before they go to youth camps.

Buzi and I also had a good time with Kent and Marcia Odor when they came to Pyin Oo Lwin at the end of last year. I am so grateful to ACS for their partnership and encouragement of us. God bless you all.

Myanmar Bible Institute (MBI)—This is the last week of the school year, next week will be the final exam: 31 students, including the first M. Div. student, will graduate on Feb. 13, 2019.

We again thank God and grateful to sponsors and friends for your faithful partnership in Myanmar ministry. During this academic year, 7 brothers and sisters from the U.S. sponsored 8 students $40 per month so they could attend MBI. That makes them have a better future and it increased the number of MBI students this year.

God answers our long-time prayer. Some of you may remember about the old properties that the authority took from MBI. We get 5 acres back. We had about 16 acres total, but we don’t know why the government did not return the whole land. We are still praying to get the whole land back. Please join us in prayer. The office and dining hall are under construction. MBI still has financial difficulty. Since the school year is finished, we are preparing for summer ministry trips.

December trips—As the best gospel season in Myanmar, MBI teachers and students took several gospel trips to many places. Final year students and some teachers participated in Lower Myanmar Churches of Christ/Christian Churches Convention in Myawady. The teachers were involved in both in teaching and preaching. The students participated in night programs and other services and then took other gospel trips to different places.

I went to NW with a student and held a ministers’ seminar in Jampan church of Christ in Lahe township. Around 50 church leaders and members attended in this one-week seminar. This time I chose the book of Acts, that contains all about the good news of salvation of Jesus and practical church ministry. Besides the teaching, I preached the Word of God in several places as He opened the door to share the gospel. The result was wonderful; lost souls turned to Christ. Four people changed their lives in Christ and will be baptized soon in Lahe church, and some changes and improvement among the church leaders and some achievement in the ministry are seen after this program was started since a couple years ago. I am so happy to see the changes in these neglected remote areas. This is the victory that the Lord has been doing through your faithful partnership in His kingdom work.

Children ministry—In March 2018, I brought 7 children from the NW and keep them in my home, plus 1 MBI student, so totally we are 14 people in my house. Now they are preparing for the final exam in the second week of Feb. It’s so sad to hear the tragic stories how they lost their parents in their childhood in the isolated remote areas; some never saw their parents. Now they are safe and happy in the school and in the community, but they need sponsors. So far each person needs around $40 per month that can cover all the needs: food, clothes, school fees, and stationaries. That means one child needs $1.40 for one day. I need $400 each month for 10 children in coming in the new school year.

Nursing Aid program—Some of you may remember last two years, many children and older people died in Lahe township in Naga Hills, in NW by the seasonal flu. Last Monsoon, it happened again in Dunghe township and some children died. I shared the pictures to some friends on Facebook to pray for them and pray how can we fill their needs. Thank God, He touches many people’s hearts and responded to their prayers. Especially, thank you so much to Joana T. Jones, the director of Asian Children Mission (ACM) who raised funds for 8 nursing students whom I sent from the affected areas to Rural Nursing school in Yangon. They will finish the course in May. After they complete their courses they will go back to their villages that are in isolated remote areas; we hope they can help provide better health care in their communities.

1. Gideon needs to take MRCP scan and CT scan as the doctor from Cincinnati Children’s instructed us to do it once a year for three years. It should have been in Nov. 2018 but I asked Cincinnati to do it in Summer. Last year we did it in Yangon but the only hospital that can do an MRCP is not satisfactory. They cannot read Gideon’s medical treatment record CD from Cincinnati. So this time Buzi and I want do it in Singapore or Bangkok somewhere. We will need about $3000 for the whole trip. Please pray for this need. If God will provide donors, we want to go at the end of Feb before Gideon’s Summer English class starts.

2. Summer youth camp will be started in March 18, 2019 in Thaho (1) church of Christ in Pang sau township. The churches request me again to lead the youth camp as usual. And leadership training will be at the same time in the same place. I am planning to take 5 students, to lead the youth camp. We have the people ready and the strength, but we need your participation both in prayer and in financial matters. We will need $2000 (this will be including one Sound Box that the church need which will cost around $500).

God bless you all, thank you.

Daniel Mawyio
Myanmar Bible Inst.
123, Thiri Yeikthar St.
Ward 1, Pyin Oo Lwin

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to Daniel’s outreach ministry or for Gideon’s medical needs, here’s how you can give:
Follow the link and instructions and choose “Christian Mission for Myanmar” as your designation.

***Make the check out to Echo Church & on the memo line write: CMFM
Echo Church
PO Box 6067
Cincinnati, OH 45206

Forwarding Agent: Kelly Carr (kelly)

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