Youth Camp & Leadership Seminar: Thank you for your support

15 Apr

Report on Youth camp and Ministers’ seminar

Thank God for the ministry happening for His Kingdom. Every achievement through CMFM in Myanmar ministry is by your faithful partnership. Your constant prayers and every single dollar that you donate contributes to great change to individuals and the ministry as a whole. Thank you very much to each one of you. God bless you all.

Here is the update on the NW youth camp and seminars we just held (photos attached):

Our Team
Our group teamed up with 10 people: 7 from MBI, 2 ladies from Kalay (one is an MBI graduate), and a minister from Tachileik, Shan state, who is an MBI graduate. We traveled three days by car to get to Taho. Typically, summer is the dry season in Myanmar, but it was raining there. Traveling in rain is a real adventure, but under the protection of God, we had a safe and fruitful trip. The works produced more than we expected.

Impoverished & Isolated
I am always praising God and thankful to you, our sponsors and prayer partners, for we have some achievements in the outreach fields also.

As the UN development program reported, Naga land is still the poorest, most isolated, and least developed region in Myanmar. Under the civilian government’s administration, the roads and transportation has become better than before. In religious outlook, more than 90% of the population of the land claim themselves as Christians, but Christianity is cultural for most of them, and their faith is not based on sound doctrine but mixed with syncretism. For instance, some people pray to God, on the other hand, they offer food to spirits; but they say they are Christians. They are still under the bondage of Satan.

Many people are thirsty to hear the true gospel of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, I was very thankful to God to see some faithful devoted Christian brothers and sisters there. These Christians are eager to participate in this ministry and are so encouraged every time we come, like we feel when you visit us. Each year many young people receive Christ in the youth camps and their faith in Christ is growing; some even come to MBI. Some drug addicts also have changed their lives and participate actively in the churches and some go to Bible schools.

Youth Camp
The youth camp was held March 18-22 in Taho 1 village. Our theme for this year was “The Church, God’s family,” based on 1 Cor. 12:27 and Eph. 2:19. About 400 youth and children attended. According to the population ratio in that area, most are from a Baptist background. It is so good, for the gospel is not only for a particular group or class but for all people.

Since it was raining, we could not do outdoor activities as we had planned, but the campers actively participated till the end of the program. The ladies from Kalay are well-trained in evangelism to children. They took care of all classes for the youth. I was able to take extra time for Bible study about baptism with the young people. A total of 8 young people from Churches of Christ received Jesus as their personal Savior and were baptized during the week and we encouraged others to be baptized in their churches.

Leadership Seminar
The one-week seminar for the leaders also done in the same week, March 18-22. There were 41 church leaders, leaders from the villages, and Sunday school teachers who attended. The attendants have increased, and some come from other denominations. I taught Christian leadership—as Christians, how to be good leaders not only in the church but also in any areas in society. My friend taught about the duties of elders and deacons in the church.

New Open Doors
God always has bigger plans than we have. He opened a new door to share the Word of God to other churches. Before youth camp, as the church requested, I taught about Christian Family three days in Naung Yang Church of Christ, and my friend taught the same topic that he taught in seminar. On the way back, we spent one day in Nanyung Church of Christ to share the gospel and had a night program with praising and action songs. At Shinbwe Yang church we stayed one day for teaching and a night program. Tanai is just two hours’ drive from Shinbwe Yang, so we left early to our last stop to spend the whole day and night to share the Word of God.

People are poor in material and financial means but eager to hear the Word of God. They have great vision to build or complete the church buildings in their own villages that were banned in the past under the old administrative system.

Thank you very much again for your participation for the ministry and keep praying for these ministries and for the churches.

The Ministry Center
Thank God, we have 21 people now living in the ministry center and all of us are doing well. God is faithful to give our daily bread and gives us peace and protection. Buzi is going the extra mile, not only in the house and in the church but leading Bible study at night and morning devotion every day at the home also. The children are growing in faith as they grow physically. We poured concrete around the house last week, and now there is enough space for the children to play. Now the children are enjoying a one-week youth camp in our church that started from today during the Buddhists’ Water Festival.

Gideon’s Health
Concerning Gideon’s MRCP (an MRI specifically designed to check on the pancreas, gallbladder and liver), Singapore is very expensive than we expected; Bangkok is cheaper but we still need to do some steps in order to get a doctor’s appointment. On the other hand, we inquired at a new hospital in Yangon to see if they can do the test, instead of us having to travel out of the country. Please pray that we can find an affordable place for this test and for good results to know that his body continues to be healthy. Gideon is an active boy among his friends. God is good. He is asking a new piano for the old one is not fit for higher level. Now he starts playing hymns. He needs around $500 to buy a second hand one. Thank you, God bless you all.

Daniel Mawyio
Myanmar Bible Institute
No. 123, Thiri yeikthar St.
Yugoslav, ward (1)
Pyin Oo Lwin

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