Hello from Daniel & family: June ministry update in Myanmar

29 Jun

Hello all!

I am praying that you are doing well and enjoying summer. Thank you very much for your support and prayers. Here is the latest update about my family and our ministries here in Myanmar.

My Family
We all are doing fine by the grace of God. The record heat of the summer is over and we have rain now. Pyin Oo Lwin’s weather has also changed from this summer; it is hotter than previous years. But by the grace of God, we all are doing fine. Also it was busy summer. We thank God for the things we were able to accomplish.

The schools opened in June, so it is one of the busiest months of the year.
• Gideon’s school started two weeks ahead of the others. He also takes weekend English and piano courses. We praise God that he is feeling very well. We did his MRCP check in Bangkok during the first week of May. When we sent the result to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the doctors saw no complication from the bile duct changes. But they say that he remains at a higher risk for liver cancer. So they suggest that Gideon’s doctors follow him annually with ultrasounds, liver labs, CBC and AFP. We are praying to God for his health—please remember him in your prayers.

• This year, Ezra and Nathanael both go to St. Matthew, a private English school. The school is run by St. Matthew Baptist Church and is the only Bible based school in Pyin Oo Lwin. So Ezra and Nathanael do not need to go to weekend English school. They both enjoy their new school.

• As the school year begins, Buzi is the busiest person in our home. It is impossible to take all three children to two different places on her scooter at the same time. So I bring Gideon to MBI with me, and he has to wait 30 minutes there and then I have to take 30 minutes from my teaching hours to take him to his school. If there is no rain on the way, we are lucky.
The Orphanage
Enjoy the photos of the students in our orphanage as they prepare for school. Except for one boy, all the kids in our home passed their exams last year and are working hard and growing in all phases: physically, mentally and spiritually. They also participate actively in worship and church activities. One boy failed his matriculation exam but he is trying hard again to have good results this time.

• We have devotions every night and every morning. One night is a special time to pray for our sponsors, as we do for the other ministries on the other nights. And we fast on the first Saturday of every month. All the students participate joyfully to praise God and pray for other people.

• One MBI student who lived with us last year earned a B. Th., degree in February and went back home to Naga land. He will teach in Thaho Christian Bible School in July.

• We had planned to add three more children to our home, but they cannot come for some difficulties. But Buzi and I are helping three MBI students who do not have sponsors for their school fees. We decided to help them when we heard their stories; they are potential young people for future ministry.

• One student converted to Christ from drug addiction in our summer youth camp. When he heard about MBI, he wanted to go there but felt hopeless because his father is also drug addict. So I brought him to my home and we teach the Word of God every night. Now he is trying hard in MBI.

• One young boy is very active in the church and wants to come to MBI, but he has no parents to support him. So I encouraged him to trust in God.

• Another one is an intelligent third year B. Th., student. Her parents are supporting her brother, who is studying in a medical school so her parents cannot support her anymore. The only way is to go back home to sacrifice her education for her brother’s future. Now they all are studying hard in MBI.

• These future leaders need $40 each month for their living and school fees. That is $1.33 for a person in a day. But this small amount can change their whole life and their community.

MBI (Myanmar Bible Institute)
MBI started the classes during the first week of June. We have now enrolled 60 students, including 9 freshman and 13 newcomers. Master of Divinity students increased to 9 this year. As usual, the school has financial difficulties, but we all are trying to serve in the Lord’s work as much as we can. The office and dining hall are under construction; we also need finances to finish the building.

We are so thankful to God that the summer activities were fruitful. A minister from the church where the youth camp and leadership training program was hosted this summer reported that the church attendants have increased since that time. And some drug addicts who did not go to church for decades, including the father of the boy whom I brought to MBI, have changed their lives and come to church now.

As I mentioned before, one MBI graduate is ministering in Lahe. Now the church members are increasing and the church is growing. They used to worship in a temporary place, but the room is too small for worship service. So some members began going to other denomination on Sundays. Now they have bought land to build a new church building. They paid most of the cost but they still need financial assistance.

All these ministries are only able to happen because of your partnership. God bless you all.

Financial needs:
1. Monthly needs for the orphanage we run: $40 x 10 students = $400

2. Sadly, I lost my laptop when I travel in summer. So, I need a laptop. I prefer Apple (like Macbook pro or air) no matter new or used so that I do not worry for anti-virus update in no internet access areas. (If somebody is able to donate it for my ministry, Doug Umbanhower from Bangor and Cris Fuller from Forest Dale church will come to MBI in November.)

3. Sponsoring MBI students = $40 a month for a student to go to college

Others in Myanmar:
• A minister’s house/office in Nanyun = $2000
(This is a small growing church that was able to build a new church building and need ministers’ residence and office.)

• To buy a piece of land for church building in Lahe = $1000

If you or anyone you know would like to designate a gift to any of these needs, follow the instructions below to give online or by check.

Thank you, God bless you all!

Daniel Mawyio
mawyio.daniel Myanmar Bible Institute
No. 123, Thiri yeikthar St.
Yugoslav, ward (1)
Pyin Oo Lwin

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to CMFM for ministry or the Mawyio family needs, here’s how you can give:

Follow the link and instructions and choose “Christian Mission for Myanmar” as your designation.

***Make the check out to Echo Church & on the memo line write: CMFM
Echo Church
PO Box 6067
Cincinnati, OH 45206

Forwarding Agent: Kelly Carr (kelly)

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