About Our Mission


            Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Daniayehla (Daniel) Mawyio. I am from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). I am doing Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) degree in Leadership at Cincinnati Christian University. I got married with Buzi in 2006 and we have a son, his name is Gideon and now he is 3 and half year.  I am from Naga tribe, one of small ethnic groups in Myanmar. The government recognizes there are 135 different tribes in the country. Naga people live in the northwest of Myanmar along India border that is the most remote and isolated area in the country. Once Nagas were Animists. They worship the evil spirits and they had tribal wars. My father died after he converted to Christ before I was born. I thank God for I was raised and grew up in a Christian home. But some Nagas are still practicing Animism. Since there was no school in Naga land, I walked almost twenty days to the north crossing Himalayan mountain ranges to get to the place where I can go to school. God is so good and He mercy on me.  I earned Bachelor of Theology degree from a Bible College and M.A degree in Literature from a government University and I become the only M.A degree holder among Naga tribe and I realized I have responsibility to lead this people to the Lord, so I accept God’s call for His ministry.

            I graduated in 1993 in Myanmar Bible Institute. Since then I completely dedicated my life to serve the Lord. Now I’ve been serving twelve years as a full time faculty member at Myanmar Bible Institute.  MBI is located in Pyin Oo Lwin city in the central of the country that the Buddhists influence area. MBI is the first Bible College of Churches of Christ/ Christian churches in Myanmar. Every year around 90 young people are studying the Word of God in MBI. They come from different tribes from different parts of the country with the purpose to learn the Word of God and to serve in the ministry after they finish their studies. MBI was founded and now it produces over three hundred ministers for the Lord’s kingdom. Some of them become effective leaders and ministers in the churches, some are teaching in the Bible colleges in the country, some are planting churches in India, some in Thailand and some are ministering in Refugee camps Malaysia and Myanmar-Thai border. Besides teaching ministry, I’ve been working as a part time translator in Naga Bible translation project. Naga people do not have Bible in their own language. So far we have New Testament in one dialect (Naga people speak many different dialects) and Old Testament translation is ongoing project. I will graduate in May and I am going back soon to my family and to my country to carry on the ministries that God has given me to do in my country.





Ministry plans:


Teaching ministry:

  • I am a fulltime faculty member at Myanmar Bible Institute (MB). I will continue my teaching in MBI.
  • I will assist part time in teaching to another Bible School that is in northwest Myanmar, in India border.


Leadership training

  • I am planning to start leadership training in northwest Myanmar that is the most remote and isolated region in the purpose of equipping the ministers and church leaders by leadership qualifications so that they can uplift church development in their local churches. That is crucial important for church growth in that area.


Youth Camp programs

  • I am planning to start “Youth Camp programs” in the northwest. That is very important for young people. This program will help young people to come to the Lord and it also helps them to have intimacy relationship with God. Through these youth camps, many young people will come to MBI to study the Bible and they will become effective ministers and leaders in their community.



Orphanage/ Bording house

  • I am planning to open Orphanage or Bording house. Because of the poverty many people cannot support their children for their education and the relatives cannot support the orphans to go to school. Some young people have to live in monasteries or boarding houses that supported by nonbelievers and many young people give up their faith for they are forced. Some young people are recruited as child soldiers.  



  • Over 90% of the population has not received the Savoir yet. To share Salvation of Jesus Christ to the lost is my passion. My emphasis will be to the Northwest where Naga animists and many people who do not know Jesus Christ live.


 God bless you and your church and your family. This is a new door God is opening for you to participate by prayers, by financial support or by any possible means for His kingdom in the other part of the world.

Daniayehla (Daniel), Buzi, Gideon Mawyio

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